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About Us

DRTV is a full service direct response television company located in Moscow, Russia. We are working in strong relationships with television stations of Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) since the very beginning of Russian direct response industry.

DRTV has 52 regional offices in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldavia, Ukraine, Latvia, Uzbekistan. We can deliver an order anywhere in Russia and regions within 48 hours. All orders are shipped via the DRTV Delivery Department. We have three Moscow located call centers and two regional call centers.

We have the trained call center team to receive calls from your potential customers. Our staff is ready to promote your products and explain their features.

Suppliers we are looking for

We continually scan the market to identify new potential partners and innovative products for Russian market. New and innovative consumer products work well on TV. Products that succeed are generally new products that are easy to demonstrate, make life easier, and solve a problem.

What does your product do? Does it solve a problem? Fulfill a dream? Make life better or easier? Can you demonstrate and prove it?

If you answer "yes" to these questions, your product probably has extremely high television sales potential. The following is a list of product categories that DRTV is looking for:

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